Privacy Policy

Helping you find a soulmate is our priority but so is your privacy. In order to ensure you trust us with your heart we have designed a policy which caters to your well-being so that you can fully trust the way we operate and allow us to help you find your destiny.

We do not compromise with your privacy. We do not share or sell any data whatsoever with any 3rd parties. The information you provide us shall remain on the site and all aspects of Yin Meet Yang is tailored to you with these considerations taken.

We are transparent. If you trust us with your information to help us find your soulmate it is only right that we trust with ours. Our information is clear, concise, and designed to help you with any questions you may have.

We strive to keep your information secure. We treat your data as seriously as we treat ours, and continuously strive to enhance the safety of your information.